About us

Two working scopes to take part to the protection of the oceans from plastic pollution: to contribute to the scientific research and to inform and raise public awareness.

Founded in 2010, Oceaneye is a non-profit organization, made up of different and complementary personalities. The objectives, we are focusing on, are:

  • Provide information and raise global awareness on the threats of oceans’ plastic pollution;
  • Contribute to scientific research by collecting data, helping and supporting the work of the scientific community.

These two approaches represent the foundation of our work which aims to understand and bring attention to the consequences of our unsustainable lifestyle related to the overproduction and consumption of plastic materials in our daily lives. Considering the lack of detailed information and the blurry understanding of the problem, it is our priority to quantify the impact of plastic in aquatic ecosystems and to create a heightened familiarity with the problem. It is essential to promote a scientific approach which will provide reliable data to support efficient measures to tackle this issue.

Our team


Pascal Hagmann
Director, citizen science, awareness raising for general audience.

Gael Potter
Scientist, samples analysis, awareness raising for young public.


Dimitri Montanini - President

Raphaël Schindelholz – Treasury

Emilie Coaro - Secretary