Study and inform to fight the pollution of the seas by plastic waste

Next events

1-3 September: Participation in the very nice project "Festival Trace Habilité" in the Geneva countryside. 

16-17 September: As a ritual, we will be present at the "annual cleaning of the lake" at the Bains des Pâquis (Geneva) organized by Aqua-Diving.

September 24th to November 26th : Our exhibition is to see at the Carré bleu, media center of the CPLN (professional center) in Neuchâtel.

October 2nd: Participation in the "Ocean Vitality Forum" in Zurich organized by the association "Switzerland for the Oceans".

17-23 November: International Congress on Microplastics "Micro 2018" in Lanzarote (Spain). We will have the opportunity to give a lecture and present our model of citizen science as well as our results in the Mediterranean Sea and Macaronesia.

November-December: Our exhibition will be presented at the library of the CO La Florence (GE). We will intervene with classes as well.

January 14th - February 15th, 2019: the exhibition "a plastic to the sea!" will be displayed at CEC André-Chavanne (GE). We will also make interventions in the classes.

January 17th : Information stand as part of a lecture by Guillaume Nery, a known freediver, at the Salle Métropole, Lausanne.

Current 2019: The exhibition will continue its route at the CO de Budé (GE). Info will follow ...