Study and inform to fight the pollution of the seas by plastic waste

Next events

- November - December: The exhibition "A plastic to the sea" will be presented at the cycle d'orientation du Marais in Geneva.

- January 13th to February 07th : The exhibition "A plastic to the sea" will be present at the cycle d'orientation des Voirets in Geneva. Guided tours are planned for 8 classes.

- January 30th : Screening of episode 8 of our sampling partner "The Ocean Mapping Expedition" at Ciné 17 in Geneva.

- February 04th : Oceaneye will give a presentation of the problem of water pollution by plastics at the Rotary Club of Morges.

- March 06th : Public lecture at the library of the city of Bienne.

- March 27th : Intervention at Collège Calvin (Geneva) as part of a project initiated by the Pacific foundation. We will talk about the common project "Micromégas", a mapping of plastic pollution around the world along the route of the "Fleur de passion", in the footsteps of Magellan.

- April 03rd : Training of our new partner "Sea the Plastic" in our participative science project : become familiar with the handling of sample collection equipment.