Study and inform to fight the pollution of the seas by plastic waste

Next events

March: It is the turn of the CO de Budé (Geneva) to welcome the Oceaneye team to set up a project to raise awareness of the issue that will include the exhibition, workshops and presentations.

March 04th : Presentation of the problem of marine pollution by plastics and activities of the association to biology managers of the Geneva Junior High Schools. CO de Budé, 18h00.

April 2nd : Together with the WWF, Oceaneye will present its exhibition during the week of sustainable development at the University of Geneva (Uni-Mail).

April 13th : Intervention at the "festival du film vert" following the screening of the film "La Méditerranée va-t-elle passer l'été?"

May 9th: Participation in the 4th Usitawi workshop. Always on the agenda: meetings and interactions between the various regional entities that fight plastic pollution.