Study and inform to fight the pollution of the seas by plastic waste

Next events

- August 27th to September 28th: photo exhibition "Sur les traces en plastique de Magellan" at the théatre de l'Orangerie (Geneva). This project was initiated by the Pacific Foundation with whom we developed the Micomégas program.

- September - October: Exhibition "A plastic to the sea" and guided tours at the CO of Vuillonnex (GE).

- September 5th and 6th: Oceaneye will be in Seville aboard the Fleur de Passion to share her experience as part of the festivities of 500 years of the first world tour of Magellan.

- September 11th : press conference in Geneva of the Ocean Mapping Expedition for the end of the world tour of the Fleur de Passion.

- September 18th: "Plastics under the magnifying glass" workshop at the CO of Budé (GE). Our exhibition "A plastic to the sea" will be displayed for the occasion and will remain on site about 1 month.

- September 15th: information stand at the Nettoyage du lac of the Pâquis baths organized by Aqua Diving.

- 19 to 22 September: 3rd micro-mesoplastic sampling session on Lake Geneva.

- October 7th: presentation of our activities at Greendrinks in Geneva (rue David Dufour 3).

- November 28th: ​​participation at the 5th APPOLL Forum, a network for a Switzerland without plastic pollutants.