Study and inform to fight the pollution of the seas by plastic waste

Next events

- March 06th : Public lecture at the library of the city of Bienne.

- March 06th to 20th : Our new version of the exhibition in English will be in the offices of SC Johnson in Rolle (CH). A presentation will be given on site on Friday March 19. Canceled-COVID 19

- March 27th : Intervention at Collège Calvin (Geneva) as part of a project initiated by the Pacific foundation. We will talk about the common project "Micromégas", a mapping of plastic pollution around the world along the route of the "Fleur de passion", in the footsteps of Magellan.Canceled-COVID 19

- April 03rd : Training of our new partner "Sea the Plastic" in our participative science project : become familiar with the handling of sample collection equipment.Canceled-COVID 19

- April 16th : Opening of the exhibition "Bottle at sea 2120" at the Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle (Geneva). Oceaneye participated in the development of informative panels on water pollution by plastics within the exhibition. Reported-COVID 19

- May 12th : We will organize "Microplastics" workshops for students of CO du Foron (GE) as part of a sustainable development rally.Canceled-COVID 19

-September 26th-27th : We will be present at the Alternatiba festival to be held at the Parc des Bastions in Geneva. On this occasion, we will present our new exhibition focused on Lake Geneva.

- October 16th : Conference on water pollution by plastics at the Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle (Geneva). Information will follow.