Awareness raising

The information generated by our various projects are communicated by our own ways via the press and the media, as well as by the “scientific ways” to reach a public on a local, national and international level.

The outcomes and results of our projects are shared with the scientific actors involved in the problem of plastic pollution. Since 2014, Oceaneye provides data to the GRID, the Global Resource Information Database of the UN-environement. By this way, all the information collected from our organization are freely accessible to everyone through the GRID platform.

To access to the database, click here and type keywords such as “plastic” in the research bar.

Interview for the Swiss TV (RTS) in occasion of the exhibit “Post Plastic Lux”.

Public conference at Bulle Junior High School.

Children workshop at the International School of Geneva.

Exhibit “Un plastic à la mer!” at Plantamour pavillon.

Oceaneye is involved at the local and national level in order to raise awareness amongst communities. It provides information and organize events and workshops for different subjects on the thematic on plastic pollution.

Press and media: Oceaneye answers to journalists and provides articles and material about plastic pollution suitable for a broad public. Press review section click here.

Conferences and information booths: Oceaneye organizes conferences and sets up stands during public events but also for academic and business events.

School activities and workshops
Oceaneye takes care of the organization of workshops and provides material for schools about the thematic of plastic pollution (starting from 8 years old).

Oceaneye proposes an exhibit suitable for all ages about plastic pollution in the ocean. To see the PDFs of our boards click here

Social media
Our website and our Facebook page keep us constantly in contact with the public and it’s a way to be updated on the activities of our organization.

Informational material
Informational material is offered on our stands and at conferences. To access the documents, click here.