Florian Breider

Dr Florian Breider – EPFL

Dr. Florian Breider has directed the EPFL Central Environmental Laboratory since 2018. His laboratory conducts research and provides services in analytical environmental chemistry and molecular biology. Hi research regarding plastic pollution focuses on (i) the interactions between micro-plastics and organic and inorganic micro-pollutants, (ii) the characterization of tire particles and their toxicity, (iii) the faith of micro-plastics in biological fluids (e.g. gastric, intestinal and pulmonary), (iv) the distribution and transport of micro-plastics in aquatic environments and (v) the development of analytical tools in order to detect and characterize micro- and nano-plastics in the water, sediments and biota.
Didier Perret
Dr. Didier Perret - University of Geneva
Dr. Didier Perret obtained his PhD in environmental analytical chemistry, regarding biogeophysicochemical cycles in aquatic environments, in 1989 at UNIGE. This field then occupied him and his research team at UNIL until 1999, before taking on the responsibility for the analytical laboratory of the EPFL soil science center. He returned to UNIGE in 2004 in order to teach analytical chemistry and to develop educational tools that would help raise public awareness concerning science. Since 2011, he has managed the Chimiscope (more than 42’000 visitors per day), a platform used for discovering the world of chemistry, in which he develops tools dedicated to understanding the world around us. The collaboration with Oceaneye focuses on the analysis by ATR-FTIR spectrometry of oceanic microplastics and on the development, for novices, of an awareness-wearing approach, regarding the issues caused by plastics in aquatic environment, through citizen science.

Dr. Luiz F. de Alencastro - EPFL

Dr. Luiz F. de Alencastro is the former director of the Central Environmental Laboratory, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, a research and service laboratory dedicated to environmental analysis and molecular biology. His expertise includes:

- the development of analytical methods for the analysis of trace organic contaminants (in particular pesticides, halogenated compounds, personal care products, (pharmaceuticals),
- impact assessment of pollutants,
- the training of Environmental Engineers at EPFL.

He was the pioneer in the study of micro-plastics in the aquatic environment in Switzerland. Currently, he is working on the development of passive samplers to search for pollution sources in natural waters.
An important part of his work is oriented towards exchanges and the setting up of environmental analysis laboratories with emerging countries in South America, Africa and South-East Asia.

Dr. Jesús Gago - Spanish Institute of Oceanography

Dr. Jesús Gago is chemist and Ph. D. in Marine Science. Researcher in oceanography at IEO since 2007 (, scientific coordinator of national and EU projects in the field of marine environment. He leads a team working in marine litter at IEO. Focal point for the MSFD (Marine Strategy Framework directive) process in descriptor 10 (marine litter) at the Spanish Ministry of Environment. Member of the GES/ TG Marine Litter (2012-actual) and the UNEP/MEDPOL expert Group on Marine litter (2014-2015) and invited (as chair, speaker,...) to meetings on marine litter, microplastics and related issues at national and international level.

Photo Cozar

Dr. Andrés Cozar – University of Cadiz

Dr. Andrés Cozar obtained his PhD degree in Ecology at the University of Cadiz (Spain) in 2003. Since 2005, he continues his career at the University of Cadiz as Professor at the Faculty of Marine and Environmental Sciences with a focus on oceanography and terrestrial ecosystems. His research tends to focus on large-scale data analysis, with emphasis on the societal challenges derived from the global change. From 2010, most of his research has addressed the marine plastic pollution issue, reaching high scientific impact and media coverage, including New York Times, BBC, Le Monde, Washington Post, Al Jazzera, National Geographic, or Forbes.

Pierre-Yves Jorand

Pierre–Yves Jorand, member of the team Alinghi

Pierre–Yves Jorand is a Swiss sailor. He is a member of the team Alinghi, winner of the America’s Cup in 2003 and 2007, first as technical coach and then as mainsail trimmer for the catamaran Alinghi 5. He also earned five victories at the Bol d’Or and three victories at the Challenge Julius Baer.

François Galgani

Dr. François Galgani – IFREMER

François Galgani is a French biologist oceanographer. Currently, he is a researcher at IFREMER, where he is specialized in evaluating the impacts of pollutants on marine organisms (ecotoxicology). Dr. Galgani is one of the most preeminent European researchers on marine plastic pollution.


Dr. Pascal Peduzzi – UNenvironment/GRID

Pascal Peduzzi is responsible for the “Global Change & Vulnerability” unit for the UN-envionment. He is the author of various scientific publications and contributes to numerous talks to governments and general audience to raise awareness on the consequences of human impacts on the environment.

Jean-Philippe Thiran

Prof. Jean-Philippe Thiran – EPFL/LTS5

Jean- Philippe Thiran is an associate Professor at the Signal Processing Laboratory 5 of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). He is active in various areas of signal, image and multimodal data analysis with a particular interest in measuring and tracking plastic pollution in the ocean.