A wet Atlantic return

Oceaneye’s crew, which left the Azores 9 days ago, joined Lisbon after an agitated and wet navigation. The crew has nevertheless collected 13 samples on this stage during a few days more quiet.

Pascal Hagmann: "the first days at sea, the Atlantic Ocean warmly welcomed us with a moderate sea, putting the stomaches of all the crew in hard test. We had to be patient to be able to eat something. The next days were fortunately much more pleasant. Everything is wet into the boat, we are going to air all this before to go back at sea to join Gibraltar".

Des conditions agitées
Des conditions agitées: il a fallu être patient avant de mettre le Manta trawl à l’eau

Arrivée à Lisbonne
Arrivée à Lisbonne: un équipage fatigué mais heureux

Séchage intégral du voilier
Séchage intégral du voilier