Oceaneye's team in Madeira

Oceaneye in joined Madeira this Thursday after 5 days of sailing from Tarifa (Spain).

Steve Larsen comments: "on the first half of the route, the conditions were rather quiet : they allowed us to collect 3 samples per day, but over the end the wind went up strongly, until 30 kn of wind average. We had to reduce the sails and let us carry by the breeze and the swell. It was impossible to collect samples in these conditions. We will spend a few days in Madeira to make the change of crew (I would like to to thank Anna and Lucas), before being back on the sea to make the third stage of this expedition 2014 to Ponta Delgada on the Azores Archipelago".

Steve Larsen
Arrival of the Oceaneye's sailboat at Madeira. After some windy days, the skipper Steve Larsen is happy to raise the Portuguese flag to indicate his arrival.