Many yachts sail the seas and follow routes where no sample has been taken. These represent a very real potential for data collection.

In order to accelerate on-site data collection and to broaden the studied zones, Oceaneye offers to equip volunteering vessels with a special net to collect data during their journey. This project’s goal is to establish a network of volunteer data collectors.

For those interested in taking part in this project, here are the steps involved:
1. The eco-volunteer contacts Oceaneye. A meeting is set to find whether the eco-volunteer’s sailing projects match our needs. The sampling zone and period are defined.
2. The eco-volunteer must sign an agreement pledging to follow the data collection protocol (for the sake of scientific objectivity). However, there is no performance obligation.
3. Equipment is lent by oceanye for a specified duration.
4. The eco-volunteer collects samples during his cruise and transmits them to Oceaneye.
5. The samples are analyzed by Oceaneye's biologists and the results are supplied to databases

Oceaneye is committed to cover all expenses related to data collection (training on the lake, equipment transport fees). However, Oceaneye does not financially support the eco volunteer’s cruises.