“Did You Know?”: Oceaneye’s new informative section on plastic

Oceaneye is pursuing its mission to inform and raise public awareness by launching a new section on social media.

The “fantastic” world of plastic and its numerous materials with obscure and daunting acronyms are part of our daily lives; the dizzyingly high numbers swarm and are often difficult to understand. PLA, PE, PVC, PET, PP… Pardon? A natural reaction since we are not all natural chemists, nor are we aware of the stakes relating to these materials. We are tempted not to read in-depth articles, despite their enlightening content.

As from today and on the occasion of World Ocean Day, Oceaneye is launching « Did You Know? », a concise section to address plastics from various angles – economic, geographic, serious, fun, and even provocative – yet always scientifically backed with figures and references.

Oceaneye will regularly publish on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) a bite-size key information as a quiz about an unknown plastic- and/or microplastics-related fact or figure. The answer will be published the next day on the same channel, where anyone is welcome to pick up, debate, wonder.

Indeed, to be a player in tackling the problem, one needs to understand it first.

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