The expedition goes on the Atlantic Ocean!

After having stopped 6 weeks in Malaga (South of Spain), Oceaneye’s sailboat is back at sea in the Atlantic Ocean. This second stage of this expedition to Funchal on the archipelago of Madeira is managed for the first time by Steve Larsen, which is assisted by Anna Plancherel and Lucas Seitenfus.

Steve Larsen, skipper of the expedition : "we left Malaga on Monday for a first stage to Tarifa which is at the entry in the Atlantic Ocean. We will wait then for a favorable weather to join Funchal, which should be reached in approximately 5 days. If the weather conditions allow it, we will take 3 samples per day and so to complete the data collected last year".

Pascal Hagmann, manager of Oceaneye: "I am very happy to transmit the helm of our sailboat to Steve. He participated to our first three expeditions, he knows the boat really well and he is an excellent sailor. I wish good luck to all the crew and I am delighted to have news from them. Be careful!"

Route étapes 2 et 3
In red : stages 2 and 3 of expedition 2014
Orange dots : position of samples collected in 2013