65 samples collected during expedition 2014

Oceaneye’s sailboat joined the port of Sète this weekend and so ends its expedition 2014. This operation was particularly fruitful : 65 samples were collected in the Mediterranean Sea and on the Atlantic Ocean over more than 9'000 km.

Oceaneye would like to thank all the people who participated at this expedition as well as all the members and the partners who supported it, in particular the Gelbert foundation, Dipan Water Technology and the foundation "du Centenaire Raiffeisen".

After some maintenance works on the sailboat, Oceaneye’s team will work again on the analysis of the new samples as well as the sensitization activities in Switzerland.

We propose you 2 appointments: on September 21st at "les Bains-des-Paquis" for the lake cleaning event and on November 7th, 8th and 9th at the "salon nautique du Léman".

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