Sample 112 : Welcome in Mediterranean Sea !

After having spent 2 days and a half at sea and having collected 6 new samples, Oceaneye has joined the port of Mahon in the East of Minorca. The calm weather conditions were favorable for the sampling. Oceaneye’s team cross a zone extremely dense in waste.

Pascal Hagmann comments: "we were at 80 nm in the East of Barcelona, in the middle of the sea. The manta trawl was in the water to collect sample 112, when we crossed an extremely waste dense zone. We could see the macrowaste from the boat, of all the sizes and shapes. There were also a huge quantity of insects everywhere on the boat and in the water, while we were in the middle of the sea! I had never seen this before, it was very strange. This zone extended over about 10 km. We would have believed to be in a kind of "mini waste patch".

We don’t have a precise explanation. The mistral blew hard last week and maybe it has transported waste up to there and took the flying insects in the middle of the sea. Or maybe, we were in a ships crossing zone among which some could throw waste overboard. It is difficult to say. "

Echantillon 212
Sample 112 : the quantity of collected plastic was huge

Echantillon 212
Sample 112: for unknown reasons, the sample collected at 80 nm from the coast was full of insects.

Rencontre avec les dauphins
Once again: dolphins!